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"During the darkest time in our life,

you brought back the light."

-Judy H. angel recipient

When emotional despair “hits” in an instant, life as you know it ends temporarily! Whether it’s the death of a loved one, job loss, or in my case, Breast Cancer! October 19, 2008 a mammogram result of “abnormal” entered my home and from that day forward my days felt like an uncontrollable cloud had come over me. Thereafter, additional testing, continuing with biopsies, surgical lumpectomy, through to the final surgery of a double mastectomy on January 7, 2009.

Being a wife and mother of 5 children, I relied on my strong faith in God – I just knew He wouldn’t give me anything I couldn’t handle. I knew I had to remain positive and live out my journey to its end, whatever that may be. I am truly blessed and happy to say that I am a “survivor of Breast Cancer” and it’s my turn to “Give Back”!


I am extremely fortunate to have gone on this Breast Cancer Journey while living in Florham Park. I say this because I’m amongst many angels who deserve “Golden Halos!” As the emotional rollercoaster ride was shared with my supportive family, Florham Park friends and families I had not known came together in support of our family tragedy. Daily meals for an entire month were brought to our home. Not only did this blessing eliminate the chore of planning dinners, shopping and cooking, it also helped financially. One may consider this a small task; to the contrary, it was actually a “huge” one – a gift from the heart and soul and deeply appreciated. Kind people who just wanted to help out all came together signing up different days to deliver dinner to us. Having a family of seven this generous gift was huge undertaking. Besides the delicious meals enjoyed, the friendly delivery visits helped take our mind off our worries and were very uplifting. These compassionate and kind people all deserve “halos”.

As I recover, I know that my family and I are extremely fortunate to have such overwhelming support from many, which was indeed an important part of coping and healing. To know that others may not be as fortunate as we are, families without any support what-so-ever, I realize “Giving Back” to our community is a MUST!

My mission is to take action and help families in need when they need it most! We all give to charities, and with some never really knowing where the money goes or who it helps out, if anyone. But helping our community families in need – one by one – is a very tangible way to get involved, and is a commitment that is accessible to all. Helping neighbors help each other… is what a “community family” means, which I’ve experienced first hand! I am thrilled to announce that the creation of a non-profit, apolitical organization that helps community families in need has just arrived in Florham Park; the name is “Halos For Angels, Inc.”

                                                                                                              -Karen M. Casolaro

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