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Karen M. Casolaro, Founder/President 


Karen's mission was to take action and help families in need who were experiencing a sudden tragedy or catastrophic event with immediate assistance. By helping neighbors help each other is something she understood as a cancer survivor. From her hard work and strong determination Karen founded Halos for Angel, Inc.  To date, Halos For Angels has served over 120 families since its founding in 2010.

 Karen Casolaro  

Vice President of Fundraising

To be able to help others is what I was born to do.  As the Vice President of Halos For Angels, is truly an honorable appointment to uphold. This inspiring “service” opportunity that I am fortunate to extend to others, with HFA, it creates a full “halo” as giving is receiving.   

 Cecilia Bocchino 

Duty at HFA – serve as an advisor, and Executive Secretary for HFA. 


What I love about HFA is their strong commitment to helping others in need in our community.  They have the ability to bring people together in times of crisis, bringing love and support.   They operate in  a positive, welcoming environment to their volunteers, as well as the people they serve, and exude a strong degree of comfort to others.

Dr. Barbara Tamburro

Frank T. Gizzo Jr.

Treasurer of Halos for Angels.


Frank is Father of 3 children, Grandfather of 9 grandchildren, Husband of his high school sweetheart wife of over 60 years! He resides in Roseland, continues to live his life with passion through his daily commitment to helping others; ALWAYS with a smile and a heart full of kindness and love. (worked at ASCO, Florham Park for 47 years before retiring)

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