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Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Fright Factor Season raised, record breaking $10,000 with the help of our community families and surrounding who attended by showing their support of Halos For Angels.

These angels that chose to take action that truly matters, to make a difference through Halos; were angels from our local police departments: Florham Park, East Hanover, Hanover Township, and Morris County Sheriff’s Dept. & Bureau of Corrections as actors…they brought so much excitement and crowds of brave souls to help support Halos!

Also included in participation to the success of our fundraiser were local schools; Florham Park Schools’ Principals: Mr. Connolly of Brooklake, Mr. Christ of Ridgedale Middle and Superintendent-Dr. Steve Caponegro who went beyond and welcomed pies thrown in his face to raise additional funds for Halos to benefit our halos recipient families; and East Hanover Principal from Frank J. Smith School “Ms. Quinn” and Superintendent Ms. Natalee Bartlett, and Hanover Park Principal Mr. Tom Callanan…all of whom are vital contributors and have been for many years, once again became & were transformed into ghouls to frightfully scare our brave & courageous guests who "came for dinner”.

Also, with the participation of many angels during the take-down process of Fright Factor successfully ended in record time with only one (1) day needed to take-down and store inside our 48' trailer; instead of the usual 2 full weekend timeframe…all of which, was made possible with the help of the Morris County Sheriff’s Department and their SLAP program!, initiated by Sheriff Gannon. yippie.

Also, thank you to Main Street Deli of Madison these angels brought our Halos volunteers of Fright Factor, once again, with heavenly foods to help nourish our ghouls before they became the actual walking dead…Thank you Jeannie Artigliere & to your generous and kind family…you are our "team angels at Main Street Deli!" We are so, so appreciative to all of the angels amongst us…And to all of our “seasoned” and “heavenly" volunteers, supporters, & actors and volunteers throughout the years…Bruce & Trisch Danischek, Charlie Germerhuysen, Councilman; Dina & Lorenzo Greco, The Holy Family School & Church of Florham Park, Louise Pryer and The Bill Pryer Disposal Company, Madison Mud/Tivoli Design, Designs to Fit (the designer/creator of Fright Factor), GameChanger of Madison and Blue Boundary Bank of Florham Park as sponsors of competitions held at Fright Factor, Chatham Storage & Moving Company that moves our trailer each & every year to show their support; all of whom continue to give back to Halos and to us all through their generosity and kindness and love of our community families.

Year after year Halos For Angels is so fortunate to have won the hearts of others to share in a movement that began on January 7, 2010, the launching of Halos For Angels. Because Halos For Angels is “Community Strong, Where Action Matters”; Our ten (10) year anniversary of existence is upon us and it has been a privilege and honor to have had the opportunity to help & serve over 200 families that suffered sudden tragedy Together, with all of your help and support. To be able to bring smiles and give hope to another during their darkest days, is an inspiring soul nourishment and fulfillment one receives out of love for another. True gifts are blessings shared through moments of time; and success is when you choose to take action and Be the light, this is Love.

THANK YOU to all our Angels...Happy Thanksgiving & May God Bless Us All.

- Karen M. Casolaro, Founder/President “Halos For Angels, Inc."

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