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The LOVE ALWAYS collection was created to spread love by helping people in need. I am partnering with organizations that bring love but in many different ways; such as providing food, a home, and therapeutic support. I created this collection with love and thinking in love, because for me love is always the answer and we need more of it in this world.

By purchasing one of these pieces, you are starting a love chain. You are displaying love on your walls and giving love and support to the people that need it the most. Each month a different non-profit will be chosen and 50% of the proceeds of every piece sold will go towards the nonprofit's mission.

My hope is to make this collection my most successful, because this will mean that my art is truly bringing joy by helping heal people’s hearts.  

This month the nonprofit organization is Halos For Angels, their primary purpose is to nurture its community’s “well-being” by extending to its family members temporary relief, comfort and support when sudden tragedy “hits home.” HFA can help with day-to-day responsibilities by providing transportation services, shopping trips, child care, daily meals – whatever the need may be, until the families are stronger and back on their feet. 


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