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For every star there is an Angel there to guide it through its journey.

               the head of a Multi-Family dwelling...

(6 adults, 3 children) House Fire, lost all material possessions inc. home: HFA support & services: collected clothes for all, toys, & git cards for families to buy daily essentials and food until their insurance money is issued.


 a Mom battling cancer...

Started with Stage 4 "Ovarian Cancer" inoperable: Family of 6:HFA support & services: meals provided; Visa git cards to be used for medicines/daily essentials/food; provided their

family's last Christmas Holiday shared together....with

catered meal, gits for entire family, Christmas tree with

trimmings, emotional support, giving reason to celebrate and Hope. "One can not put a price on giving "joy" to a family who will soon lose their mom to her battle of cancer." Denise died at 7:30 a.m. on 12/26/2013. (HFA helped with funeral expenses).


 a Father and sole supporter of his family of 4...

was let go from his job due to hours missed while needing to

undergo chemo treatments, blood transfusions, during his

battle with Ritcher's syndrome, spreading of cancer. The

employment termination was two weeks before Christmas.

Support and services were extended with daily meals for 1

month; christmas presents for entire family; 1 month

membership to a fitness center/spa for family to enjoy. (the

fitness center played an important role to his "physical therapy

method" to Eric's recovery process.) Due to severe chemo

treatments; Eric was let with much dental work to be needed.

So "HFA" succeeded in their outreach eforts as they gained the

heart of a local dentist who most graciously agreed to and

ofered his professional dentistry ability to Eric and his family.

Eric's wife, Lorraine, wrote these words of gratitude, "Halos For Angels" helped turn our worries and tears into a wonderful

holiday season we will never forget. Through their sincere

generosity, support and love, our prayers have been answered as we are truly blessed to have the support of Angels."

a woman battling bone cancer...

Reiki Therapy was provided before and after Stem Cell

Surgery, "visiting nurse" was provided several times to assist

in recovery process as well as daily meals. Other services

but not limited to was a donated "portable shower chair";

Thanksgiving Meal; emotional and physical support

continues throughout their journey.


a 38-year-old mother of a toddler and a newborn baby diagnosed with stage 4 cancer...

After she exhausted all treatment options in local facilities, Halos for Angels, inc. provided funds to send her to New York Sloan Kettering (as her insurance did not cover out-of-state- medical institutes.) After an evaluation, she was earmarked for a trial treatment which succeeded in putting her into remission. She was provided with childcare, meals, clothing for her children and hotel stays for her husband while she was treating in New York.

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