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Some stories of our reciepients throughout the years!


Matt's Story

      Mathew, in his early 20’s, was suddenly diagnosed with knee cancer. Having to leave his college to undergo treatment,  Matt had a balance owed for private housing at college of $5,800 which HFA negotiated with the housing company to underwrite his balance as we provided a charitable tax write off for them.  HFA also provided meals for 1 year to Matt and his family as they continued on their unimaginable cancer journey of treatment, surgery, then final treatment.  One way to bring a little joy during his darkest days, was to send a stretch limo to soon fill it with Matt and his friends to take a trip to attend a Jet’s Football game where they enjoyed the game as well as a meet and greet by the players.  For Matt and his loved ones to share in a happy moment in time, during a time when cancer wasn’t in their thoughts, was a miracle in itself.  ​After reaching out to our community through our unending efforts helped raise over $27,000.00 to help cover Matt’s doctor bills.   

Denise's Story

      Denise, a mother, with a fmily of 6 was diagnosed with inoperable Stage 4 "Ovarian Cancer". HFA support & services: meals provided; Visa git cards to be used for medicines/daily essentials/food; provided their family's last Christmas Holiday shared together....with

catered meal, gits for entire family, Christmas tree with trimmings, emotional support, giving reason to celebrate and Hope. "One can not put a price on giving "joy" to a family who will soon lose their mom to her battle of cancer." Denise died at 7:30 a.m. on 12/26/2013. (HFA helped with funeral expenses).

Beatrice's Story

      Beatrice was battling bone cancer. HFA provided her with Reiki Therapy before and after her Stem Cell Surgery. HFA also provided a "visiting nurse" to assist in the recovery process as well as daily meals. HFA also provided a "portable shower chair", aThanksgiving Meal; emotional and physical support continues throughout their journey.

Fabian's Story

     Fabian is the head of a Multi-Family dwelling with 6 adults and 3 children. Tragedy struck with a house dire, all possions lost. HFA collected clothes for all, toys, & git cards for families to buy daily essentials and food until their insurance money is issued.


Kristin's Story

      While searching for medical practicies online, Kristin came upon Halos for Angels’ website.​

      A 38-year-old mother of a toddler and a newborn baby diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Just when all hope was lost, Halos for Angels was called upon to help with Kristin’s sudden tragedy.

       After Kristin exhausted all treatment options in local facilities, Halos for Angels, inc. provided funds to send her to New York Sloan Kettering (as her insurance did not cover out-of-state- medical institutes.) After an evaluation, she was earmarked for a trial treatment which succeeded in putting her into remission. She was provided with childcare, meals, clothing for her children and hotel stays for her husband while she was treating in New York.

Eric's Story

      Eric, a father of 4, and sole provider was let go from his job due to hours missed while needing to undergo chemo treatments and blood transfusions, during his battle with Ritcher's syndrome, spreading of cancer. The employment termination was two weeks before Christmas. Support and services were extended with daily meals for 1 month; Christmas presents for entire family; 1 month membership to a fitness center/spa for family to enjoy. (the fitness center played an important role to his "physical therapy method" to Eric's recovery process.) Due to severe chemo treatments; Eric was let with much dental work to be needed. So "HFA" succeeded in their outreach efforts as they gained the heart of a local dentist who most graciously agreed to and offered his professional dentistry ability to Eric and his family. Eric's wife, Lorraine, wrote these words of gratitude, "Halos For Angels" helped turn our worries and tears into a wonderful holiday season we will never forget. Through their sincere generosity, support and love, our prayers have been answered as we are truly blessed to have the support of Angels."


John's Story

      John and his wife became our vital angel supporters since our launch. John, a Madison resident, once our supporter, ALWAYS our Angel. Their contribution to our charity has helped us grow helping more community people as sudden tragedy hit home.  Besides monetary donations annually, their participation as a volunteer added strength to the personal connection shared amongst many angels.

      John suddenly was diagnosed with heart failure and the inability to leave his home.  To suddenly learn that to leave his house would cost him his life was a devastating life altering diagnosis, but to John, through his strong faith in God and having the love and support of angels; John felt blessed knowing others may not be so lucky.  John’s endearing spirit and the love for others allowed him to continue to bring smiles on the faces of others through his jokes and gentle touch of kindness to our souls.  As he always said, “as long as I can bring a smile to another’s face, life is great”. 

      Even though John’s beating heart stopped, his loving memory lives on through the inspiration of hope, through his spirit and faith in God and the personal connection of love shared by all he met throughout his living life as always an Angel.

Nuno's Story

      A friend of Nuno’s family came to Halos for Angels with sad news. A professional family man traveled on a business trip and became a quadriplegic after an accident in a pool.​

      After immediate surgery, Nuno awoke at Kessler Rehab Center. Days before his release from Kesslers the family discovered they had to make a special ramp at his house before Nuno’s return.  Halos For Angels, Inc. was called upon for help.  We immediately took action and partnered with Home Depot to construct the ramp for Nuno’s return home; all in one (1) week’s time.  

      Upon arrival, Nuno was greeted with a fully painted constructed ramp and decorated with adorned balloons, and welcome home signs with notes of encouraging words. Days following, delivered daily meals were gifted, funds that were collected through fundraising efforts to help with medical costs, presents for the children, and a prayer shawl for Nuno blessed in prayer for a recovery of the mind, body, and spirit. There are many other fund raisers on our website for Nuno and his family. Help change a life or Nuno’s life.

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